A Massage That Cures: Acupressure

When most people think of traditional Chinese forms of medical treatment, acupuncture comes to mind first and foremost. Acupressure is another form, however, that is very similar to acupuncture and can also help in relieving pain and discomfort. Acupressure is especially good for people who fear or are otherwise skeptical of sticking needles into their bodies. Related to massage, you should explore acupressure as a treatment option. Although it is still not considered valid by many traditional medical doctors, studies are beginning to be done, and these show that the technique is very effective.

An acupressure session will start much in the same way that an acupuncture session begins. The professional, who should be certified in traditional Chinese medicine will assess your health situation and determine the cause of your problem. The root of all medical pain and suffering is poorly flowing energy in the body. An acupuncturist and an acupressurist stimulate points on the body to help correct this energy flow. These points are, in many cases, not at the place of your pain, but instead found throughout the body.

A common kind of acupressure used is called cupping, although many other forms are also popular. In this technique, the professional uses fire and small cups to create suction to the body at specific points. This treatment has been used not only in ancient China, but also in other ancient civilizations, such as Greece. Today, practitioners as well as those who have been helped by acupressure are seeking to help it become better known and to have people take the technique more seriously.

Acupressurists are usually acupuncturists who have learned acupressure skills as well. Always visit an established business for these needs, and be sure that your acupressurist is certified. The office should be clean and be sure that his or her tools are sterile before treatment. Your regular doctor should be able to direct you to an established acupressurist in the area, or you can call the Better Business Bureau to find out more about local TCM businesses. Your regular doctor can also tell you more about how acupressure can be used not alone, but rather in conjunction with traditional medical treatment like exercise and medication. This is the best course of action and most effective. Don't discount nontraditional forms of treatment, like acupressure, when planning with your doctor-these could end up being most effective for you.

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