Massage For Health

Many people get massages because they feel nice, but did you know that a massage session could also benefit your health? Massage techniques, when done properly, can not only decrease stress and relax your muscles, but they can also improve your immune system, relieve pain, cure headaches, help injuries heal faster, and retain your muscle and joint mobility. It you are having difficulties in any of these areas and traditional medical procedures are not working, talk to your doctor about alternative therapy options, including massage.

There are a number of different kinds of massages, and a professional usually practices one or two specific kinds, so be sure to visit someone who can meet your needs. Traditionally, people get Swedish massages, which are focused on relaxation, or deep tissue massages, which are focused on loosening muscle tissues.

Some massages specifically target certain areas of the body. Cranio-Sacral massages focus on your neck, head, and spine and work to proper align this area and loosen tightened muscles in this area. Chi Nei Tsang is a type of massage that focuses on your abdominal organs and can help greatly with digestive pain or illness. If your joints are the problem, try The Trager Approach. These kinds of massages can help improve your life when done correctly, and you can also use them in conjunction with Swedish massage or other massage techniques to directly target the problem and then relax the entire body.

Other kinds of massages that are meant to relax or relieve stress, such as the Rosen Method, but all massages should leave you feeling physically and mentally better. A few types of massages, like a deep tissue massage, can be slightly painful and should only be used if you doctor specifically recommends them to help your condition. Rolfing is one such technique, as it works to align your tissues correctly and straighten the spine. However, even after this massage, you should feel better, not worse. If your condition worsens, talk to your doctor and masseuse immediately.

Other kinds of massages that may work for you include the Alexander technique, acupressure, feldenkrais, reflexology, reiki, and the Shiatsu method. There are varied ways to use these techniques so research them all further before choosing to schedule an appointment. You can also learn how to perform simple massage techniques on yourself to improve your comfort levels or purchase a massage chair for home use. You doctor or a massage professional can help you choose which options are best for you and your body's specific medical condition.

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