What Is Light Therapy?

Back in the days before modern medicine, it took a lot longer to heal from wounds and sickness. Now that may be an obvious point, but it should make one wonder just how those ailments were cured at all. The answer may be simpler than anyone would think. That answer would be light. Sunlight especially was and still is a great cure for sickness and wounds, although it is rarely used in treatment today. Still, those who practice alternative medicine are looking to light therapy as a new, natural cure for many different types of sicknesses, both physical and mental.

Today's average person is a whole lot busier than people back in the day when sunlight was a major part of medicine. It wouldn't make sense for someone to spend hours in the sun just to heal something that can be cured in no time just by popping a pill. However, it is possible to be cured by light, especially sunlight. Spending an hour or so in the sun can cure a headache for example, and longer exposure could help protect a wound from becoming infected.

Using this knowledge, current alternative medicine practitioners are harnessing the healing power of light in order to help people with physical and mental sickness. There are a couple different techniques that are used, depending on the condition and the severity of it. Some therapists, for example, simply put a set of fluorescent bubs next to the patient and have them sit by it for up to a few hours. While doing this, the patient is told to do something like read, so they don't focus all their attention on the lights. Another technique used to cure aches and pains in specific areas of the body is to take an intense light with a smaller beam and shine it on the part of the body that is hurt.

Light therapy is known to be a cure for several disorders, but the most common is known as winter depression. Just like the name states, this is a mental and physical condition of depression that occurs during wintertime. It is theorized that this depression comes about because of the lack of sunlight in many places during the winter months. Exposure to light will make up for this lack and therefore get rid of winter depression. This is just one example of how light therapy is reworking the ideas of medicine today.

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