Cause Of Alzheimer's Disease

There are many mysteries of what is the cause of Alzheimer's disease. Even modern day science has not come up with the reason for this devastating problem. There are so many people being diagnosed with it and there are still no clues or answers to come up with a cure. There are still many people on the subject and trying every day to come up with some new technology to help understand it more and to give relief for it.

There are many theories to what is the exact cause of Alzheimer's disease. There have been many findings that are leading them one step closer to the resource. These theories have been closely examined and taken very seriously. It is important to understand the cause as well as the things that can lead up to getting it. There are many things being discovered everyday that will bring researcher closer all the time.

There are biochemical changes that are being blamed for the cause of Alzheimer's disease. It is possible that this is one reason because of the contributing factors that it is the reason for brain cell dying off. This is called nerve cell death that is found in many Alzheimer's patients. This is what causes the patients to loose their brain functions and is toxic to the body.

Many researchers believe that another cause for Alzheimer's disease is that it is genetic. This disorder is found in certain families more often than others. However, it is still not directly linked to being genetic. Family members are usually prone to the same kinds of environment. They will be at a higher risk if there is an elevated environmental toxin or infectious agent in that particular area that is a reason for the disease.

The body and the immune system, which is what protects it from potentially harmful invaders, may actually attack its own tissues. This is what will produce antibodies to its own essential cells. This is called autoimmune response and it may affect the brain. Some researchers say that this is what triggers the cause of Alzheimer's disease in many.

There is also a link to slow acting viruses to be the cause of some brain disorders that closely resemble Alzheimer's disease. The slow virus has been postulated in Alzheimer's disease. There are various researchers that have suggested that the brain tissues change in the patients that have Alzheimer's disease.

There are many people that believe that certain foods and ingredients can be the cause of Alzheimer's disease. This has not been found to be true and there is no reason for anyone to panic and stop eating and drinking the things that they like.

Though there is no actual found cause for Alzheimer's disease, there are researchers working on a reason as well as a cure everyday. They are spending tireless time on trying to help those that have this tough disease as well as helping to keep people safe from suffering from in the future.

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