A Crippling Disease That You Should Be Aware Of

Many people believe that having a perfectly healthy body means that they will be able to live a normal and productive life. However, having a healthy body alone is not enough in order to live a normal life. You have to consider that mental health is also very important. Besides, the brain is the organ that controls everything in your body. Having a brain defect means that it can have significant impact on the way you live your daily life.

You have to consider that there are several kinds of brain disorder. Some types of brain disorder can affect your basic motor skills, some can affect your senses, some can affect the memory, and some can affect the emotions and moods of a person. Bipolar disorder is one of the many brain diseases existing today. This particular brain disorder can have negative impact in your life because this disease affects a part of the brain that controls emotions and moods.

With a bipolar disorder, you can never have complete control of your moods and emotions. It will cycle from manic episodes to depressive episodes that can disable you in your daily tasks. The psychological symptoms for bipolar disorder include mania and depression. These are the two classifications of bipolar disorder and this is also the reason why this disease is also called manic-depressive illness.

In the manic episodes, the person suffering with bipolar disorder will experience excessive euphoria or a feeling of high. This means that the mood of a person is at a high where he or she has increased energy, feeling of not needing to sleep, racing thoughts, and also confusion about certain ideas. You will notice that a person that suffers from mania jumps from one idea to another and will seem that they can never make up their mind about it. Another factor that you should consider in the manic episodes of bipolar disorder is that the person will be extremely optimistic, very irritable and cannot concentrate well. They will never admit that something is wrong.

In the depressive episode, the person suffering from bipolar disorder will experience excessive depression. The mood will be excessively sad, very pessimistic, decreased or no interest in doing an activity that is pleasurable which includes sex, and they will often think about death and suicide. In severe cases of bipolar disorder in the depressive episode, the person suffering will actually commit suicide.

As you can see, this particular disease is a very serious illness that needs careful management and care. Because of the constant cycle of the moods of the person suffering from bipolar disorder, they will never be able to concentrate on their daily tasks. This means that having bipolar disorder can disable you because it can affect your performance level at work or at school negatively. You should also consider that because of the effects of bipolar disorder, the person suffering from this illness will also have a poor social life and will often have relationship problems.

Bipolar disorder has no cure. However, there are treatments available today that can effectively manage the disease. The treatment will include psychotherapy, and medications. Sometimes, the psychiatrist will combine the therapy and medication to effectively manage bipolar disorder.

Always remember that careful management and care is the key to treat bipolar disorder. This disease is something that you will live with for the rest of your life and knowing how to effectively manage and treat it will mean that you will be able to take control of your moods and emotions again.

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