The Importance Of Setting Goals

Your training as a bodybuilder will be rewarding if you remember that a good start to the training begins outside of the gym. After you get the OK from your doctor to start your new workout, take a few moments to think about what you hope to accomplish and give yourself a time line. That's right-you need to set goals to see results. The most accomplished bodybuilders in the world all keep records of their fitness goals and achievements, because this is a way to keep you motivated on a daily basis, even through the holiday season.

Write your goals in a fitness journal that you keep in your gym bag. Writing out each goal makes them real, instead of just a simple hope for the future. Be realistic, or you'll be easily discouraged when you don't have a six-pack in three days or see defined leg muscles in a week. In short amounts of time, focus on feeling healthier-and then stay on track to reach your long-term goals. Always set deadlines for achieving your goals, or else you won't stay dedicated. Many bodybuilders and their coaches recommend setting small weekly goals. As you achieve these week by week, you will find that you are also making headway towards you larger goals. Having a timeline will make you feel guilty when you skip a workout or eat fatty foods-your fitness journal will keep you motivated. This is also a good place to record the weights you use and reps you do every day so that you can intensify your workout every time you head to the gym for more training. If you find in your records that you have seemed to hit a plateau (i.e., you can't increase the weights or do more reps), then you know it's time to take more rest days between your workouts to let your muscles rebuild.

There are many people who can help you achieve your goals. First, your doctor may be able to help you plan a safe beginning workout for your fitness level. From there, you can ask the advice of friends who are also bodybuilders, or you can go as far as hiring a personal trainer or coach. This is especially beneficial for bodybuilders whose ultimate goal is to compete. A trainer will not only help you plan your workout, but will also push you to reach your goals. Another person who can be motivating is a workout partner. If you have a friend who is on the same fitness level, go to the gym together and help each other achieve goals. This is also a safer exercise option, since you can spot one another with heavier weights.

Even if you do not achieve some of your goals by your deadlines, do not get discouraged. Evaluate the progress you have made and your habits, and then either intensify your workout and eat a healthier diet or relax your goals a bit. Bodybuilding is a hobby that takes a lot of effort and by setting goals, you will see results.

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