Facts About Bronchitis And Asthma

Chronic bronchitis is the irritation or swelling of lung's airways. These airways are tubes in the lungs where the air used to pass through. Airways are also termed as "bronchial tubes".

When irritation occurs in bronchial tubes the formation of thick mucus will follow. Hence, the bronchial tubes will be block by the mucus, resulting to difficultlty in breathing. Asthma on the other hand is the chronic inflammation of the airways or bronchial tubes. This common lung disorder is normally characterized by difficult breathing.

Chronic bronchitis is frequently associated with asthma, if not with allergies. Truth is a bronchial infection consists several factors that may possibly trigger it. Both of these lung disorder—chronic bronchitis and asthma—is characterized by coughing, chest contraction, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. Sadly, the environment alone consist several threatening factor that triggers bronchial infection, thus, the start of the symptoms.

Dust is an example of this environmental factor. Obviously, dust is a kind of substance which is common everywhere. That is why, for those with a problem in their respiratory system, dust is a tough villain for their health. For the asthmatics and sufferer of bronchitis, dusty places are not an ideal breathing zone.

Therefore, people who have a respiratory problem are advised to limit their exposure to dust as possible as they can. However, the preventions for dust that are needed to be taken will be determined according to the person's sensitivity itself. Those who are sensitive enough may need to install in their house a specialized air cleaning equipment. While those who are not that sensitive enough may enjoy a home that has a regular schedule for cleaning.

If you are one of these lung sufferers, you can visit the online links to get free tips on how to avoid and get rid of the factors that trigger asthma and bronchial cough inside of your home.

Another factor that may harm the respiratory system, and may lead to bronchial infection, is the chemical odors and fumes. An example of this is the tobacco smoke. The smoker himself and the person who happened to inhale the smokes emitted by the smoker may compromise the health of their respiratory system. Hence, this practice will lead to chronic cough, which is usually experienced by asthmatics and sufferers of bronchitis.

Bronchitis is the swelling of bronchial tubes. And can either be acute or short-lived, or can last for a long period of time, termed as chronic. This is infected by certain viruses and lung irritants such as pollution and smoke that bring harm to respiratory tract.

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