What Kind Of Lipid Altering Medication Is Right For You?

High cholesterol is dangerous and can cause heart disease and other serious health problems such as stroke. Your doctor may suggest changing your diet and lifestyle, but for some people, that just isn't enough. Lipid altering medications may be prescribed to those who are having difficulty getting their high cholesterol under control and keeping it there. LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are what are known as undesirable lipids, and in large amounts they can cause you to be at risk for serious medical problems. There is no way to judge if you have high cholesterol or not without consulting your doctor. If you are at risk, medical professionals will know what to recommend as best for you and your situation.

Prescription lipid medications include statins, fibrates, and cholesterol absorption inhibitors. Statins lower cholesterol and assist in the prevention of cholesterol being produced within the body. They are commonly prescribed along with fibrates, which are lipid-lowering medications that mainly focus on eliminating triglycerides from the body. There are a few different types of fibrates, but gemfibrozil is most commonly prescribed because it is the most effective one that has the fewest possible side effects. Cholesterol absorption inhibitors are a fairly new addition to the fight against high cholesterol. They are safer for people who have had trouble with side effects of statins and are looking for an alternative. It lowers triglycerides and significantly reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

If you prefer a more natural form of lipid altering medication, there are also vitamins that can be taken to reduce bad lipids and increase the amount of good lipids in the body. Niacin is a B vitamin that is taken in large doses in order to lower the total cholesterol amount, triglycerides, and bad cholesterol, as well as increasing the amount of good cholesterol. Although this is available without prescription, it can be dangerous because it must be taken in large amounts. Your doctor should monitor you so that they can see if your body is responding favorably and no additional problems arise. Fiber and soy are also natural things that you can consume to alter the amount of negative lipids in your body.

Prescription and natural lipid altering medications are effective in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol present in your body. High cholesterol can be devastating to your health and can cause serious problems such as heart disease to develop. Check with your doctor so that they can assist you in deciding what is right for you.

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