Have A Healthy Living Plan

Everyone who has ever tried to diet or exercise knows just how hard it is to keep that promise that you make to yourself about staying with the program. It's not an easy thing to do-we fall out of routine with some of the most simple of tasks, and dieting and exercising may not be your idea of fun activities. The most important thing to remember is that you're not the only person who has difficulty sticking to your exercise program.

Whether you are young or old, diet and exercise are two of the most important aspects of life that cannot go unattended if you plan on living to an old age and maintaining a good cholesterol level. Something you might consider is keeping a notebook in the room in which you record your exercise. While it won't guarantee that you exercise daily, it will serve as a handy reminder to keep up with the days in which you exercise. You see, if you are doing something every day, eventually it will become a habit and you won't even realize that your helpful notebook reminded you to exercise. Sometimes this little extra assurance is all you need to keep you reminded of your next workout routine. This way, you can keep track of your progress as well.

In addition to the notebook, you may even consider writing down the days in which you plan on exercising on your calendar. Be sure that it is located someplace you will see it, like by the pantry where you prepare healthy meals. Be sure to make a realistic exercise plan that works with your schedule so that you will have no trouble maintaining it throughout the month. In the event that you miss a day, be sure to mark it on the calendar so that you remember how many times you have missed, and try not to exceed that number next month until you have reached perfect exercise day attendance.

Maintaining healthy eating habits and exercise routines can help you keep a great cholesterol level and keep your body fit. Sometimes we forget or just get to busy to do that workout, just remember that one day does not make you a failure, it doesn't even mean that you have to work out extra hard next time. Just be certain to make an extra effort to exercise on the next day planned. Use rewards to inspire yourself, and soon you will see the benefits of your new healthy lifestyle.

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