Holiday Skin Care - Keeping Your Skin Healthy In The Winter

You may know skin care tips and tricks or follow a strict skin care routine every day. However, did you also know that you need to consider the season when caring for your skin? Seasonal skin care is important because different conditions arise and our skin reacts differently to things in cold weather than in hot weather. Around the holidays, your skin especially needs a little extra attention. By learning season skin care techniques, you can be sure that your skin stays healthy in the winter time, just as it does in the other seasons.

Winter is one of the two major extremes your skin deals with when it comes to climate. Because of the cold and inclement weather that categorize this season, it is one of the most dangerous times of year for your skin, especially your face. At this time of year, we tend to use water that is too hot for our faces to help warm up. Remember that hot water, especially when you first come inside from the cold, is harsh for your face. Instead, use water that is mild to wash your face.

Water is a very important thing to remember during the winter. Washing temperature when you are inside is not the only important component. We have all been taught that a proper amount of moisture in our skin is important. It is crucial to remember that during the winter, water freezes outside. If you use a moisturizer that is water-based, your skin could feel those effects when you walk out the door! Look for oil-based moisturizers instead, and if you have oily skin, talk to your doctor about ways to treat that and still get the moisture you need.

Being outside in the cold air and wind is often the cause of the skin on your face becoming dry. However, that's not the only thing you have to worry about when you are outside during the holiday season. You know that the sun plays a huge factor in skin health during the summer-and it does in the winter as well. Just because the sun does not warm the earth as much as it does in other seasons, a winter sun sends just as many dangerous rays at your skin as it does when it's warmer. You can even get sunburnt in the winter if you're outside too long without protection! Look for products that have sunscreen in them so that you are sure to protect your skin from the dangerous sunbeams during the entire year.

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