Smell Good, Feel Good: How Fragrances Can Help Your Skin

Fragrances are used in almost every skin care product on the market. Most people have specific smells that they enjoy, while others turn them off. Men and women have certain "smells" that belong to their sex, and other scents, like bubble gum, are used mainly in children's products. Fragrances do more than just help you smell good-they can make you feel good as well. Fragrances can do important work for your skin health, so remember to consider the scents of your products when purchasing skin care items in the store.

First of all, realize that not all fragrances are good for your body. If you have certain skin conditions or very sensitive skin, you may need to buy products that are unscented. It's important to remember that most fragrances are not organic. Flowers, fruits, and other things that we smell in our daily lives are usually not strong enough or lose their scents quickly when mixed with other products. Therefore, chemicals are used to produce the smells you know and love like lilac, pine, and vanilla. These chemicals are usually not harmful for your skin, but can cause rashes for some people. Also be careful to check the label for ingredients that cause allergic reactions in your body.

Beyond those few concerns, fragrances are fine for your skin. Fragrances can actually even help you feel better. Ever heard of aromatherapy? This is a type of healing and preventative method of medicine. In this method of alternative medicine, the patient smells certain scents in order to help deal with medical conditions. Some acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other professionals use aromatherapy with their work.

When buying skin care products, you can use some of these same principles to help you choose products that make you feel better. For example, mint is said to be an energizer, so using these products in the morning will help you awaken. Soothing smells, like lavender, can help you fall asleep when used at night. You can find a list of scents to help you with various moods and health conditions from the Internet or a professional.

Fragrances are great tools, and when paired with skin care products, they can really improve not only your smell, but also your mood and your health. If you want to learn more about how scent can help you and your body, talk to a professional or your family doctor for more information about aromatherapy and other scent-related benefits.

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