Teen Tanning Troubles

You've been a teenager, so you know how pressured you can be to look beautiful. While this may have included only the use of make-up or push-up bras in the past, today, the stress of needing to look pretty has taken a turn for the worst. Teens now are using tanning beds or sitting in the sun with no protection in order to get that golden-brown complex that so many seek. This is a very dangerous pastime that can result in very real medical problems down the road.

Skin cancer kills almost ten thousand people every year. Most of the people developing this disease have had exposure to the sun, many times purposefully, in order to get a nice tan. That tan isn't so nice in a few years! Skin cancer is often not diagnosed until later in life, but it usually begins with sun tanning practices that started before the age of eighteen. What's worse is that most teens don't know that or simply choose to take their chances, valuing a pretty skin color over good healthy. However, making smart skin care choices now could save their lives!

Studies have shown that over 25 percent of teens and young adults have used a tanning bed within the past year, and most of them were female. Tanning beds provide an even higher cancer rate than natural sunlight. As a person grows older, they begin to use the tanning bed more and more to achieve the tanned results, with young adults using beds more often than fourteen year olds. Surprisingly, almost all of these people know that tanning beds are bad for your skin, but they simply choose not to think about it. In a tanning bed, the UV index is around a thirteen-a very high rating. On a normal hot, summer day, the natural UV index is about eight or nine. Tanning beds also expose the body not only to the rays that have the potential to burn the skin, but also to the rays that penetrate your outer layer of skin and cause deeper damage.

Pressure to look beautiful is nothing new, but the obsession with tanning is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. By stopping these dangerous habits as soon as possible, you have a better chance of not developing skin cancer. That golden hue really isn't worth dying is it? Talk to your doctor for more information about the dangers of sunbathing and tanning beds, as well as for recommendations on spray products and lotions that can give you similar results.

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