Water, Water Everywhere: The Effects Of Water On Your Skin

If you take care of your skin like you should, then you know how important it is to use a good moisturizer. This is especially true if you have dry or combination skin. But why is moisture important? What does it do for your body? In fact, although many do not know it, moisturizing your face can keep your healthy and younger-looking for many reasons.

You skin, in order to stay healthy and alive, needs lots of water every day. You lose up to 8 ounces of moisture every day, so be sure that you replace that water. Your skin works hard to keep hold of this moisture, but cleansers and dry air can cause your skin to dry out.

Body lotion and other moisturizers can help you replenish your skin on a daily basis. Basically, two kinds of moisturizers are available to help you cope with dry skin. The first contain natural moisturizers and are the most common kind you'll find in your health supply section of your local store. The second kind, which works well in cold weather, draws moisture from the environment around you and adds it back to your skin. Think of it as a sponge. Glycerin, urea, and propylene glycol all belong to this second group. For some kinds of moisturizers, you may need a prescription.

Using the moisturizers properly is important. A good time for application is after showering, when you skin is already moist. This will help lock in the water that is already in your skin. Avoid applying moisturizer when it will rub off onto clothing or bed sheets.

Of course, not letting your skin dry out in the first place is also very important. Use warm water when showering and washing your face-extreme temperatures can cause your skin to dry out. Also, you can use humidifiers in your home and wear masks at night.

Why is moisture important, even when your skin is typically not dry? By keeping more moisture in your skin, especially on your face, you can prevent your skin from aging prematurely. That's why many people with oily skin as young adults find they have fewer wrinkles as they age. If you want this blessing for your own face, try moisturizing your skin every single night before you go to bed and again in the morning.

A professional or your family doctor should be able to help you choose moisturizers that are right for your skin. Even if your skin is naturally oily, you can find products that are good for you. Water is important in your body, so remember that your skin, especially the skin on your face, needs water every day too.

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