What Skin Care Products Are Best For Me?

When you go to the health and beauty section at your local store, you are probably bombarded with literally hundreds, if not thousands of different skin care products. What's a person to do? If you want your skin to be healthy, there are certain products that you need, but you don't have to spend a fortune to be able to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking. Leave some of those unnecessary products on the shelf for others to buy!

First, be sure to pick up a good sun block. In the past, these products were usually, if not always, heavy and very greasy. Today, manufacturers have figured out how to make this situation better. Be sure to find a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 for daily use, and you'll want higher in the summer time or if you will be in the sun for long periods of time.

You will also need some sort of facial cleanser or wash. Don't use regular bath soap! This kind of soap is too harsh for the sensitive skin on your face and will lead to dryness and premature aging. It is important to know your skin type at this point and to buy accordingly. For example, someone with dry skin will want a face wash that locks in moisture, while someone with sensitive skin will want a product that is natural and very mild. If you have combination skin, there are products for you as well.

You will next need a moisturizer to protect your skin, especially at night. Again, find a product that caters to your skin type. If you have normal or oily skin, you may only need to use a moisturizing mask at night. A moisturizer will lock in the water in the top layer of your skin and keep it looking fresh and healthy, even as you age.

You can also choose other skin care products like toners, make-up, and creams. Talk to your doctor about their specific uses for your skin's healthy. However, avoid skin care products that contain harmful or dangerous chemicals. Some to watch out for include sorbic acid, lactic acid, PEG, and parabens. These can damage your skin or make you sick. Talk to a dermatologist for more information about these and other dangerous chemicals sometimes found in inexpensively made skin care products, and learn how to avoid them next time you pick up skin care products.

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